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Old October 3rd, 2011, 06:21 PM
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Default My motivation on the subject of healing

As a student in Gestalt Therapy I've learned about the healing relationship and a lot of other Gestalt theory. Following education at the Dutch Gestalt Foundation (NSGestalt) in Amsterdam I got a lot of Gestalt therapy myself. I've experienced the relationship with therapists as supportive, but also feel it is not enough to heal the pain. The therapy sessions usually give space to emotions connected to earlier experiences popping up in the field at the time of therapy. Sharing the emotions, ideas, images can give me more insight in the problems at hand. But I find that this usually does not heal the pain or the problem itself.

I also had the pleasure to work with Harm, a Dutch Gestalt therapist. When I told him about my pain from earlier experiences in life he responded in a way I could feel myself going down a step on a ladder. I started crying. He just made a small remark and I stepped down further going deeper and deeper into the pain. I this way I felt he walked very close to my side down the stairs with me, guiding me step by step. In the end I felt a deep love hidden in the pain. Afterwards I felt a lot of my pain dissapeared from my system and it didn't come back. I experienced a proces of healing.

Looking back, I felt I experienced more then a therapist being close with me. Harm did something with his body, voice, remarks at exactly the right time, staying close with my process which had a healing effect on me. Sadly, Harm soon afterwards became very ill and I never had the oppertunity to ask him about his methods. But it kept me wondering. What happened? What is healing? What can I do as a therapist to create an environment for my clients in which healing experiences as described above become possible? I'm determined to figure this out and adapt my professional attitude as a Gestalt Therapist.
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